About Us

As a former U.S. Navy medic, I was always interested in how I could help others to heal from injury and illness. With a kind heart and passion for helping people, I pursued studies in Psychology, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts, Zumba, and Personal Training to have a well-rounded knowledge in every aspect of the wellness world. I have achieved a lot of this education through professional training as well as real-world situations. Experiencing the various obstacles firsthand, I have lost nearly 80 lbs, and I've struggled with health problems. My journey has been long and full of ups and downs along the way, but with every challenge I have faced, I have learned from and helped others in similar situations. Seeing the changes in people's lives through a healthier lifestyle has driven me to become an experienced wellness coach for more than 10 years. My decades of experience encouraged me to build a company that addresses the missing flaws and elements that run rampant in the "gym" world. I have taken the complex systems of fitness and nutrition and transformed them into a fun, efficient & effective plan of attack. My unique approach has led to real-life tested results, which has only encouraged me to go further. My dream is to assist you in living a healthy life with fitness in a fun and confident way. Please contact me through: CoachBulmer@icloud.com for more information or to book a session.